Let your subscribers view your marketing emails in their favorite Messenger app

Expand your Millennial audience

Let them receive your emails where they hangout, Messaging Apps

Talk to your audience

Engage in conversation & build an emotional connection

Monetize opportunities

Leverage signals to suggest additional products/services

Personic Chatbot Interface.

  • Personalization


    You can create an emotional connection by personalizing your conversation

  • Analytics


    Track user interaction in the Chatbot

  • Notifications


    Track user interaction in the Chatbot

  • editor

    Chatbot text editor

    Dynamically modify Chatbot dialogue

  • Log file

    Log file analysis

    Iterate and improve conversations

  • Log file

    Conversation structure and workflow

    Design conversations for engagement

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Not in your inbox but in your chatbox- Personic is a new medium, and now we are providing you health guides in your chat box.


PERSONIC is a great source to build bots for facebook messenger.

Beauty Bot

Personic because bots have brought a new revolution to the marketing world.